Dream Brigade is a musical duo composed of Derrick Zaworski and Daniela Dolgova, San Francisco- based DJs and electronic producers.

Daniela and Derrick met on the playa in 2013 and have combined their musical forces to create a dynamic and complementary combination. Their style ranges from deep melodic tech house to booty-shaking groovy bass house and everything in between. You can find them playing such festivals as Burning Man, Shift Festival, Genesis and others up and down the west coast.



Daniela, the first half of Dream Brigade, aka Zaria, is a Siberia-born, Bay Area based DJ and producer. She has been a musician for most of her life - starting with a childhood of playing classical piano, involvement in several rock and metal bands while she was a teenager, and transitioning into electronic music over the last several years. Her style blends world house, ethereal melodies, and booty shaking basslines for an eclectic collection of music that can be played any time of the day or night.


Derrick, the other half of dream brigade, aka Eazis, is a Midwestern born, Bay Area based DJ and Producer. He's been a musician since he could walk and has been classically trained for 15 years in western music and piano.

He's been involved with different bands and jazz bands and eventually later on in life transitioned into electronic music and hasn't looked back. His style blends influences his influences from classical western music, contemporary jazz, Frank Zappa, his electronic inspirations such as DJ Sasha, Underworld, and Bassnectar. This leads to a style of music and live music that can be played from Sunrise, sunset and on into the wee hours of the morning, greeting the rising sun with a smile.